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Good Answer!

A game of quick thinking and originality.

The Good Answer! Game
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Livejournal game show, anyone?

Welcome to Good Answer! A game of speed and wits.

Here's how it works. In each round, you will be given a topic. Your job is to be the first person to respond with an original answer that fits in with the topic, without duplicating an answer already given by another player.

For example: The topic of Reality TV Shows is given.

Player 1 answers "Survivor"
Player 2 -- "Big Brother"
Player 3 -- "American Idol"
Player 4 -- "Survivor"
Player 5 -- "The Amazing Race"
Player 6 -- "American Idol"
Player 7 -- "Survivor"

Players 1, 2, 3, and 5 were the first to give their respective answers, and would score points. Players 4, 6, and 7 duplicated answers already given, and would not recieve any points.
Five points will be added to the score of any player who gives a good answer.

In addition, a poll question will be posted, somehow relating to the topic. All players must respond to the poll question. This question can earn some bonus points for any player who gave a good answer to the above topic. Each eligible player who selected the poll answer that turns out to be the same answer that the majority of the players answered (whether or not their answer to the first part was correct), that player will score a bonus of 2 points. If they selected the second most popular answer, 1 point will be scored.

Question: Who is your favorite reality show host?
a) Jeff Probst
b) Julie Chen
c) Ryan Seacrest
d) Phil Keoghan

a) was selected by players 5, 6, and 7
b) was selected by player 1
c) was selected by players 2 and 3
d) was selected by player 4

Remember, only players 1, 2, 3, and 5 are elligible for the bonus, as they gave good answers to the original question.
Player 5 would score 2 points for selecting the most popular answer.
Players 2 and 3 would each score one point.
Player 1 would not score any bonus points.

So, scores at the end of this first round would be:
Player 1 - 5 points
Player 2 - 6 points
Player 3 - 6 points
Player 4 - 0 points
Player 5 - 7 points
Player 6 - 0 points
Player 7 - 0 points

Players 4, 6, and 7 need not worry yet, as five rounds are played in this fashion.

Also available in each round is the Jackpot bonus. For each topic question, one possible answer will be pre-determined as the Jackpot answer. If a player is first to give the Jackpot answer, one or more bonus points will be added to their score. This jackpot grows each round it is not won, starting with one point in the first round, and up to five points in the fifth round. If it is won at any point, the jackpot will return to one point, and start growing again from there.

Another twist takes place in the fifth (also known as the Double Up) round.
Players may, if they wish, give two answers to the topic question, rather than one. If both of these answers are original, that player will score 10 points. However, of one is good and the other is not, no points will be scored, so there is an element of risk involved. Also, the two answers must be submitted at least 12 hours apart. You know, just to make things interesting. If a player chooses only to submit one answer, then scoring takes place as usual.

After five rounds of play, the players with the top 5 scores move on. Standings at that time are converted into points (first place = 4 points, 2nd place = 3 points, ... fifth place = 0 points). All points from the previous rounds are cleared, and these are the new scores. Now, five more questions are played (one at a time, and only for these final five players), with one point being earned for an original answer. Each question only has a limited number of possible answers, starting with seven for the first question, followed by one with six answers, all the way down to the last question, having three possible answers. At the end of these five questions, the two players with the highest scores move on to the final round.

Final round. Again, five topic questions are presented, all at once. Both players give their answers, as well as any five other players who were involved in the game, regardless of their final standing. The first five players to give their answers to these topics will be used. The final two players will each recieve one point for each time their answer DOES NOT MATCH any of the answers given by the panel of previously eliminated players, out of a possible 5 points. Most points at the end of the five questions is declared the winner.
As an added insentive for the 5 players who provided answers for this final round, each time one of their answers matches one given by the final 2, they will recieve a one point bonus on the following game, should they choose to play again.

A 48 hour time limit (at the least) will be given for each round. A game might take a few weeks to complete, but there is very little time commitment involved.
All judgement calls will be made by yours truly, because I'm in charge damn it.

So, that's it!
Trust me, it's nowhere near as complicated as it looks. I'll be here to help you through it all.
Post any questions you have on the community page. I do have plans as to how various tie situations will be handled, but left them out of this description for the sake of being brief (ha). I will explain these as the game is being played.


icebox - Winner of the first ever game of Good Answer.
galactic - Game 2 champion.
pachy - Our 3rd victor.
chocodiablo - Chosen one #4
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If you would like to see prizes of any kind given out for this game, why not donate?!